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Previously we discussed about bed wetting and common cause of this. You will find this here

What are the common factors responsible for bed wetting?

First of all, you have to understand that bed wetting is not a particular disease but presentation of some medical condition like UTI. In case of primary enuresis, if no other disease is present, it is a matter of time that the baby may gain bladder control in near future.

Children who have developmental delay meaning who develops slowly, have more chance to wet the bed during sleeping after 5 years of age. Boys do it more than the girls. If a child’s parent have history of bed wetting in their childhood, the child have more chance of developing bedwetting.
Remember, constipation is one of the risk factors for bed wetting. It may play role in urinary tract infection.

If you want to wait and watch?

You have to wait up to 5 years of age for spontaneous bladder control. If bed wetting is not hampering his daily activity, school performance or relationship with other peers, you can wait for some time and watch for improvement. Some children gain bladder control even without treatment, some with home remedy. If your child has any mental stresses try to help him.

So, when should you see the doctor?

If your child has any sign or symptoms of infection in the kidney or bladder or other problem pain in the back, pain in the lower belly, frequent urination or fever. Other feature of infection includes:
  •             Pinkish or reddish or cloudy urine
  • ·     Crying during urination or say about any pain during micturition,
  • ·     Sudden desire to pass urine or
  • ·     More frequent drinking or increased thirst
  • ·     Increased temperature
  • ·     Passing urine with stool, same time, during sleeping
  •      If you are using home remedy for bed wetting, but is not working. You are trying it for 3 months but failed.

Your child had bladder control previously for at least three months but started to wet the bed again for more than 1 week. Remember that one or two episode may occur in a month accidentally. Do not worry for one or two episode.

Due to bed wetting, there are some problems in child’s daily life style, or deteriorating relationship with other members of the family.

If any one of the above things happens to your child you should consult. Before going to the doctor please keep record of bed wetting for at least 2 weeks such as how many times child did wet, when at night, approximate amount of urine etc. 

Whom you need to see?

To evaluate and treat bed wetting you can consult with following professionals:
  • ·        Family doctor
  • ·        Pediatrician
  • ·        Urologist (if have any anatomical defect in urinary tract)
  • ·        Psychologist (if psychological problem)
  • ·        Developmental pediatrician (if any developmental delay)

What will your doctor will do?

Your doctor will take detail history of your problem and do some examination to find out the cause. He may do some investigation also. The usual and first investigation is urine analysis. This test will reveal if he has any infection or other medical condition like diabetes, diabetes insipidus, hematuria etc. Urine culture can be done which will show any particular organism and to which drug it is sensitive. He will, if required, advice some radiological test like ultrasonogram, x ray, cystourothrogram. Doctors may do some psychological test to find out any emotional stress the child is facing. After completing these investigations he will give you some advice and medication according the cause.

Now comes the treatment, treatment can be some medication or some advice. The doctor will choose what is best for your problem. I will discuss about treatment in my next article. Till then stay connected and keep sharing our blog.

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