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If you are a new parent, feeding a newborn baby will be a whole new experience for you. As it is a very hard task, you should not try the easy ways. You have to be patient. Acquire proper knowledge about feeding your baby.
Take enough time; be gentle while feeding your baby. If you know some important information about baby’s feeding it will be easier for you.

It is one of the most discussed things about baby’s feeding. So why we need to burp? During feeding the baby ingest some gas along with milk. These gases accumulate in the stomach. If your baby swallows more gas and not burped frequently then baby may have abdominal pain, distension and discomfort.

What is the benefit?
So why we need to burping? During feeding the baby swallow some gas along with milk. These gases accumulate in the stomach. Burping helps to release this gas through mouth.
During the first six months of baby’s age, after each feeding keep your baby in upright position over your chest for ten minutes. This will help to prevent the milk coming up. Because of excessive gas your baby may wake up from sleeping. Burping the baby helps to put back to sleep.  
After four months your baby may not need burping because within this period baby learns to suck breast without swallowing air.

How often you should do it?
Usually after each breast feeding or bottle feeding (if baby takes formula milk) you can burp your baby. If you are feeding baby for long duration like more than 10 minutes you may take a break during feeding and burp him before next feed. Burp him frequently if he swallows more gas.

Are there multiple positions for burping?
3 positions are used for burping. If one position does not work then you can use another position.
1. Shoulder position: in this method hold your baby gently on your shoulder and do patting or rubbing with your hand over his back. Keep your baby’s bottom on your other hand so that he doesn’t slip out. This is the best and widely used position for burping.
2. Face down position: Keep your baby on your lap keeping the face down. Hold your baby on your lap in such a way that his belly rest on one of your leg and his face is on another leg. Now keep rubbing or patting his back gently with your hand.
3. Sitting position: in this position keep your baby in sitting position over your lap, body leaning forward, keep one hand in his chest to support the baby and gently start tapping or patting over his back.
These are the positions commonly used to burp the baby. 

My baby still has gas problem what to do?
Now most of the baby has the problem, some have less and some have more. When you follow the burping process properly, burp him after each feeding or even more time, then the problem should resolve. But if burping does not help the baby then you have to take some medication. If adequate burping does not help the baby consults with your doctor for further management.

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