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New parents are always worried about their baby’s poop. Poop or stool it takes different color in different phase of life. From just birth it is black,
from 4 days become yellowish, then yellow and last of all brown pigmented.

The color of the poops comes from a pigment called bile, which is secreted from the liver. Due to bacterial digestion it become stercobilinogen and gives the natural yellow or amber or brownish color.

Up to this point you may noticed that I have mentioned different color of stool but nothing about green color stool. Well, in most of the cases, green color stool is normal. But there may be some associated problem where stool become green. So what are the causes of green stool?

Some Reasons of green stool:

1. More foremilk than the hind milk: foremilk is the part of breast milk which comes early within 2-3 minutes of feeding. It has more water and natural sugar like lactose. Hind milk is produced after several minutes sucking. It contains more protein and fat then water. Now if you feed your child for shorter duration and give frequent milk or you have more milk flow initially. These will cause filling up of baby’s belly with more water and lactose. This extra lactose will turn the poop green. Poop will become frothy and bright green for this excess lactose.

2. Mother taking cow’s milk, meat or any other allergen food: if the newborn baby is sensitive to cow’s milk or any food and mother is taking it in her diet. Then the allergen of food may go to baby through breast milk and turn poop into green.

3. Common cold: if the baby has simple common cold it can result in green poop. Just treat the cold and the problem will go.

4. Iron supplementation or any newer drug: iron supplement or any newer drug given to baby may cause green poop. It is side effects of the drug and don’t stop the drug for green poop. Even if mother take iron it causes green poop.

5. Infection in the body: your baby is passing green stool with foul smell or more requests then usual or mixed with blood, then suspect of having infection in the body. Contact with your pediatrician as early as possible.

6. Taking antibiotic: if mother or the baby takes antibiotic it may cause green poop.

7. When you change the brand of milk: Baby may pass green stool when you introduce formula milk to baby or change the brand of the milk. Consult your doctor for any advice regarding formula milk.

8. When your baby grows teeth: During teething baby may pass green stool. It is a normal phenomenon.

9. Food in the baby’s diet: when you give extra foods after 6 months of age it may change stool color. If the baby takes green color food like vegetable or any commercial food containing green color the baby may pass green stool. Even if the mother takes it baby may pass green stool.

So, do I need to worry about green poop?

Occasionally baby may pass green stool. It is sometimes normal. You have to just wait and observe the situation.
But if you notice anything abnormal like:
·        passing foul smelled stool,
·        blood mixed stool,
·        baby is crying all day,
·        baby is not taking enough food,
·        fever,
·        passing frequent watery stool or
·        any other problem
If above mentioned problem occur you have to consult with your pediatrician for any further management

Now, there is some home remedy available for green poop. I will discuss it in my next article. Till then stay safe and keep in touch.

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