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May be you are known to the disease "Erectile Dysfunction" as it is common. But you will be surprised if I tell you there is also a disease in erection is
the problem!!!!

Yes, this disease exists. 

It is called "priapism"

There is prolong erection but it is not related to sexual stimulation. It will not be relieved by ejaculation. It lasts for more than four hours. It may be painful and can happen to male person of any age including new born.

This condition is a true medical emergency and early intervention by expert doctor can bring good functional recovery.

Let’s try to understand why this condition occurs.  I am trying to use simple word so that everyone can understand the fact easily.

After a sexual stimulation, blood comes more through artey in penis.  At the same time, venous valve get closed so blood cannot go out of penis. So, there is accumulation of blood in. That causes erection. After the end of stimulation, venous valves open and blood goes out of penis. Then penis comes back to its normal state. But in case of "priapism" this things are not happening that mean no return of blood from penis. So, as accumulation continues and erection persists.

But why this abnormal thing happens?

It will be difficult for general people to understand as for this we need to know many medical terms. The cause behind this disease is still not clear and research going on. But sickle cell disease increases the susceptibility. 

There are other diseases, which may contribute to "priapism".

They are- 

·         Dialysis
·         Fat embolism 
·         Thalassemia
·         Fabry disease
·         Vasculitis

There are also a long list of drugs which can lead to the disease like Phenothiazine, butyrophenones , perphenazine, trazodone, Heparin, warfarin etc.

The disease can be two types.

1. High flow priapism- Usually not painful, history of trauma.

2. Low flow priapism- It is painful. There is rigid erection. No history of trauma.

Globally, the incidence of priapism is 1.5 cases per 100,000 people per years. But In case of men older than 40 years, this incidence increases to 2.9 cases per 100,000 people per years.

It is almost completely a disease of males. Priapism of clitoris is extremely rare.

Now, the question is what to do if you have prolonged erection with above mentioned symptoms?

You need to consult your doctor as early as possible. The outcome of the disease depends on duration of symptoms. Early treatment will give you better prognosis. But usually many patients with priapism suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

So, at the end, we need to be careful. An erection without stimuli that last long is not a good one. Whenever anything like this happen to you or you heard anything like this about your friends or relatives remember, it’s a very urgent medical emergency.  Your prompt decision can save you from a miserable suffering. 

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