Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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Food has many benefits for the body, keeps you healthy, strengthens the immune system and fills you with energy. It seems a bit contradictory to suppose that eating food can decrease your weight, when you always hear and think that you have to eat less food if you want lose weight. 




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May be you are known to the disease "Erectile Dysfunction" as it is common. But you will be surprised if I tell you there is also a disease in erection is

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Practically proved home remedies for headache

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Did you suffer from headache?

If I ask you about suffering from headache in your lifetime, the answer will be yes for sure. Every one suffers from bad headache. Some people experience it more.

Do not ignore headache

Headache may be a sign of many critical disease. So, never ever ignore it. If you feel it regularly then consult with your physician
and try to get diagnosis.

Common headache 

Don't be so afraid. Though it may be a sign of critical illness but most of the headaches are migraine and tension headache which can be prevented.

What is migraine headache?

This type of headache is usually recurrent. Throbbing type of pain. It’s usually affects one side of headache. Some people says, they can predict when a migraine headache will attack. During an attack, people tend to be in dark room, avoid sounds. It’s may include some visual disturbances called aura. Some people experiences color lighting dots during attack.

Home remedies for headache!!!

What ever may be the cause, tension or migraine headache home remedies are there. That works well.

Now, in Internet through different blogs and websites, you may find many home remedies. But I will just talk about few which I found work good. Some remedies that helped people I know, will be discussed.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Best insomnia remedies you never tried

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We are well known about the problem "insomnia". Many people spending a lot of money to get rid of this problem. But still they fail to have a sound sleep.
Individuals who suffers from insomnia understand how
critical the problem is. Many people around the world passing sleepless night regularly.
best insomnia remedies, having trouble sleeping, cure of insomnia  ,ways to treat insomnia,insomnia medication

First exclude medical condition

At first, you have to be sure that there is no medical cause behind this insomnia. Many medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, cancer, chronic pain, kidney disease, asthma may contribute to your insomnia. Anxiety and tension also causes insomnia. You should check yourself by a doctor to exclude any disease.

Lets follow the easy way

best insomnia remedies, having trouble sleeping, cure of insomnia  ,ways to treat insomnia,insomnia medication

Now, if you are free from above mentioned medical condition except anxiety, but still now you are facing insomnia, then follow my advise.
First day, get up from at 6 A.M and start your day!! You may find it very difficult because you slept at late night. But for first day, you have to do it at any cost.
Now live your normal life as usual. But don't sleep at day time. Even don't go for little nap. That must be followed.
Now, eat what ever you want. There is no bar. But remember, you can't take any tea or coffee, even not a single cup.