Can you write? Write as guest at sumvirblog

We are looking for some active writer, who can write for us. We call them guest writer. To increase your popularity, its a very good opportunity. To expand your reader write for us, link it to any social site. In which field you Keep expertise let us know.

Why you will write for us?

  1. Help the people: It's a noble thing. you can reach a lot of people through here and help them. you can help more people then you meet through here.
  2. Experience, exposure, work: Many people will read your writings. Through here tour work will get exposure to thousands of people. Connect your id through social media and present it to your friends and family. Thousands of people may also come to read your post.
  3. Become a permanent author: write to us as many good article as you can. If you are good enough we will offer you authorship and part of our revenue (either revenue base or one time payment per article. That means you can earn from writing for us.

What can you write about?

Anything you are good at you can write, but let us know first. Also we are looking for author for following topics:
  • Health
  • medicine
  • history or historical events
  • story
  • fiction
  • politics
  • science
  • Tech News
  • entertainment
  • lifestyle
  • blogging


  • Original and always original. (You should not copy it from other site.)
  • You can write it within 500-600 words.
  • Do not use any external link.
  • Do not use any affiliate link
  • You can use your social site id only.

What we will need?

  • Full Name
  • Your short bio
  • your social site id like Facebook or tweeter
  • Email
  • Picture

Please send your post here

If you can write well please contact with us or send your writing to this address

Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as an attachment in .txt, .doc or .docx format. Also attach the image for your post.

Disclaimer: Sumvirblog reserve the authority to reject any article without showing reasons. sumvirblog owns the published article and can edit it as required. If your article is rejected for any cause we will not sell it to a third party.

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